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Climate of the nation 2020

In the wake of the devastating Black Summer bushfires, an overwhelming majority of Australians (82%) say they are concerned about climate change resulting in more bushfires, according to this report released by the Australia Institute’s Climate & Energy Program.
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Commercial aviation emissions in Australia could drop by over half in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to this research from the Australia Institute Climate & Energy Program.
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Fossil fails in the smart state

Victoria's brown coal-fired power plants are some of the worst performing stations in the National Electricity Market. With hot and dry conditions forecast for the rest of this summer, this paper argues that Victoria is at risk of further breakdowns of aging coal generators, insufficient...

Heatwatch: extreme heat in the Kimberley

Increases in extreme heat events in the Kimberley region will have severe impacts on the wellbeing of people in the region, particularly indigenous communities. It will also impact key industries, including tourism and agriculture, and damage natural ecosystems.
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Hytrojan - is hydrogen the next “clean coal”?

Hydrogen power has been heralded as a game changer in the global transition to low-carbon energy. This paper identifies serious concerns with hydrogen demand projections, regularly cited by state and federal governments, energy experts and industry figures, which overstate potential export demand.