Salvatore Babones


The 12-week window: coronavirus crisis Australia didn’t have to have

This paper argues that the coronavirus crisis was ‘the crisis that Australia didn’t have to have’. The paper lays out a detailed weekly timeline of the crucial first twelve weeks of the crisis, which were Australia’s window of opportunity for fighting the virus at the...

Australia's export exposure to China's coronavirus epidemic

This paper estimates the direct and immediate effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the revenues of Australia’s major export industries. It breaks down Australia’s exports to China across 18 major industry groups, including both goods and services exports.

Australian universities can’t rely on India if funds from Chinese students start to fall

From a business perspective, investing so much in one portfolio is risky, and universities need to diversify where they’re getting their income to ensure a stable economic future.

The China student boom and the risks it poses to Australian universities

This report establishes the scale of Australian universities’ China risk, assesses the difficulty of addressing it, and proposes steps to take toward reducing it in a fiscally and educationally responsible way.