Maggie Yu


Spouses and partners of Vietnam veterans – findings from the Vietnam Veterans Family Study

This report confirms the long-term impact of Vietnam War service on family members. The study confirms that veteran partners should continue to be considered in the design of early intervention supports to help reduce the long-term impact of military service on families.

The educational expectations of Australian children and their mothers: the longitudinal study of Australian children annual statistical report 2014

Provides a profile of mothers' and children's educational expectations and whether these change over time. Summary The research shows that the educational expectations of parents and children are important factors in predicting children's educational achievements and occupational outcomes. This chapter provides a profile of mothers'...

Parenting efficacy: how can service providers help?

Local community supports and resources, such as community-based parenting services, play an important role in building parenting efficacy and should be accessible for all parents. Local councils could provide information about these services through newsletters and advertisements. Interventions that focus on helping parents have better...