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Australia’s response to the Rohingya human rights and migrant crisis—a quick guide

As well as representing a human rights and humanitarian crisis in its own right, the ongoing Rohingya migrant crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh demonstrates the linkages between unresolved internal conflicts, mass displacement and wider instability in Australia’s region.
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Connectivity, competition and contention: is ASEAN up to the challenge?

ASEAN’s ability to adapt to new challenges that will determine its future relevance.

Defence cooperation with Myanmar—Australia and other countries: a quick guide

This quick guide provides a snapshot of current international defence engagement with Myanmar by the following countries—Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, and India.
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Australian foreign policy in 2017: a year of delivery?

This year is shaping up as a big year for Australian foreign policy. This FlagPost highlights some of the key milestones expected over the coming months. The centrepiece of the Australian Government’s foreign policy agenda in 2017 will be a new white paper that will...

Changes to Australia’s overseas aid program under the Abbott and Turnbull Governments 2013–2016: key policies and responses

The Abbott Government made important changes to Australia’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) programs, following its election in September 2013. Large reductions in funding, foreshadowed in the Coalition’s September 2013 pre-election costings, commenced in January 2014. A further series of funding cuts were announced in the...