Ray Broomhill


A case study of gender responsive budgeting in Australia

This case study focuses on gender responsive budgeting at the federal level of government in Australia. Gender responsive budgeting is an analysis of the impact of the budget on gender equality and a process of changing budgetary decision-making and priorities. The annual publication of a...

Australia’s parental leave policy and gender equality - an international comparison

This study examines Australia's new paid and unpaid parental leave provisions and compares them to recent developments in a number of European countries. Increasingly, gender equity goals have been incorporated in the formulation of the policy approaches within a number of these countries. In recent...

'Modern' Labor and the Fair Work Act 2009 - challenging the male breadwinner gender order?

This report outlines core areas of Labor's Fair Work Act (2009) to identify the implications of key changes, particularly for women workers. It provides an analysis of the Act's potential to bring about a shift in the structure of gender relations, or the 'gender order'...