Leonard Hong


Walking the path to the next global financial crisis

This report argues that failing to prepare now for the next financial crisis could destroy New Zealanders’ nest eggs and threaten their livelihoods.

The need to build: the demographic drivers of housing demand

This report examines the scale of New Zealand's housing problems and provide some recommendations for policymakers to help reduce the crisis.

Safe arrivals

This report provides a pathway toward safer scaling-up of New Zealand's border capabilities.

Lessons from abroad: Taiwan's COVID-19 containment model

Alongside South Korea, Taiwan is one of the few countries to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19 without a national lockdown due to its prior experience with the SARS epidemic of 2003. New Zealand’s pathway is similar to Taiwan’s and there are lessons to be learned...

Lessons from abroad: South Korea's COVID-19 containment model

This report outlines seven key examples of South Korea's pandemic approach and shares the lessons for New Zealand.