James P. Smith

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Development and testing of an innovative architectural programming simulation as a precursor to target value design

The purpose of this research was to explore the importance of architectural programming in helping to identify key attributes of value to an owner, and to report on a lean game designed and preliminarily validated by the authors to investigate the accuracy and perception of...
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Delivery methods and social network analysis of unethical behavior in the construction industry

The construction industry accounts for about one-third of gross capital formation and is ranked as one of the most corrupt. Effects of corruption go beyond demoralization associated with bribery, it can lead to substandard quality of infrastructure and insufficient funds available for project maintenance. The...
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Implementation of lean practices among finishing contractors in the US

Many parties to the construction process have implemented lean construction practices to improve efficiency within their respective scopes of work. Academics have researched a wide range of these applications in an effort to assess barriers, benefits, and other associated impacts. One area of construction that...