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Rodrigo Herrera

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Rodrigo Fernando Herrera, Rodrigo F. Herrera
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Journal article

An assessment of lean design management practices in construction projects

This paper aims to assess the lean management practices that are performed at the design phase of construction projects. Evidence exists for the implementation of 19 lean design management practices, grouped into three categories: stakeholder management, planning and control, and problem solving and decision making.
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Application of Social Network Analysis in lean and infrastructure projects

The communication structures between project participants have a great influence on the success of a project. Some can be described explicitly but most are informal and tacit. Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a tool to identify and model actual social structures with a set of...
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Using BIM-Based sheets as a visual management tool for on-site instructions: A case study

In recent decades, design and construction have had to specialize, which has gradually fragmented the industry. This scenario is relevant in hospital projects, where a large number of specialties interact, especially when the operation of the center must be guaranteed. For this reason, it is...
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Assessment of lean practices, performance and social networks in Chilean airport projects

Airport projects are complex in nature because they include several specialists from the public and private sector who must temporarily interact for the fulfillment of previously defined objectives. The design of these types of public projects in Chile does not apply the Lean philosophy in...
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Contributions of information technologies to last planner system implementation

The Last Planner System (LPS) has been in use for over 20 years; however, some of its components remain at a basic level of implementation. This paper seeks to identify improvements in the level of implementation of those components with the use of Information Technologies...