Paul Grogan

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Capacity of the 45 and Up Study to mobilise evidence-based improvements in cancer control: lung cancer case study

Over the 15 years since the 45 and Up Study was established, researchers have harnessed its capacity for enabling rigorous, comprehensive investigation of cancer causes, care, and outcomes. This paper uses lung cancer as a case study to demonstrate the Study’s potential to improve cancer...
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How has COVID-19 impacted cancer screening? Adaptation of services and the future outlook in Australia

This article focuses on observed short-term impacts, adaptations and the longer-term outlook for cancer screening in relation to COVID-19. It summarises potential responses to minimise the harms of disruptions caused by COVID-19, and highlights research and policy opportunities in the pandemic response and recovery which...
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Far from ‘mission accomplished’: time to re-energise tobacco control in Australia

This article explores a brief history of tobacco control, in relation to policy reform and recent evidence, and outline the case for re-energising tobacco control at a time when public health has gained new political and social currency.
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Interview with the Hon. Dr Michael Wooldridge: tobacco control was the best buy in health then and it’s still the best buy now

The late 1990s marked a turning point for tobacco control in Australia. In this article, the Honourable Dr Michael Wooldridge, former Federal Health Minister, reflects on how these reforms to tobacco control were achieved, and how the public health community can best engage with policy...