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Rachael Dodd

Alternate Name:
Rachael H. Dodd
Journal article

Lung cancer screening: the hidden public health emergency

Other authors
Billie Bonevski, Nicole Rankin
Lung cancer screening (LCS) in high-risk populations using low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) could potentially save thousands of lives per year by shifting the stage at diagnosis to early curable disease.
Journal article

Reasons that clinicians in Australia offer cervical screening outside guidelines for frequency, age and co-testing

This study investigates clinicians’ adherence to revised cervical screening guidelines and aims to identify any reasons for them screening women outside the revised guidelines.
Journal article

Health literacy and disparities in COVID-19–related knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours in Australia

The findings in this article show that there are important disparities in COVID-19–related knowledge, attitudes and behaviours according to people’s health literacy and language. These have the potential to undermine efforts to reduce viral transmission and may lead to social inequalities in health outcomes in...