Lina Jakob

Research Summary

Are children who are known to child protection services more likely to be suspended from school?

This paper reports findings from NSW Child Development Study (CDS) looking at the connection between child protection contact and primary school suspensions and discusses the implications for policy and practice in supporting children who are suspended from school.
Literature review

Comparing outcomes for maltreated children: out-of-home care versus remaining at home – a literature summary

This literature summary reviews key research studies that compare developmental, educational, health and wellbeing, and criminal justice outcomes for maltreated children who were placed in out-of-home care with those who remained with their birth families.
Research Summary

Engaging clients in commissioning government services: strategies for doing it well

This summary outlines key findings from an evidence check conducted to identify the best strategies for effective and authentic client engagement in the commissioning of government services.
Research Summary

Birth family contact: what are the views of children and young people in out-of-home care?

This paper provides an overview of the views of children and young people about whether they have contact with family members and their satisfaction with contact arrangements, with findings drawn from two surveys, the 2018 NSW OOHC Survey and the NSW Residential Care Survey.
Systematic review

Interventions in out-of-home care: an updated evidence and gap map

This report summarises the findings from an updated systematic search for high-quality evidence of the impact that different out-of-home care (OOHC) interventions have on particular child and youth outcomes. These have been mapped to create an evidence and gap map.