Balaji Chandramohan


India’s strategic orientation under the second Modi Government

It is expected that the Modi Government will focus on expanding its strategic presence in the Indo-Pacific, while simultaneously ensuring that it attains a credible strategic deterrence against both China and Pakistan.

India’s expanding strategic relations with Russia and France

This paper argues that India will expand the scope and range of its strategic partnerships, if not create alliances, with both France and Russia.

Indo-Pacific strategic choices for New Zealand under the Ardern Government?

On Indo-Pacific matters, the Labour Party-led government, headed by Jacinda Ardern, will no doubt take a lead from Australia’s maritime strategic vision. Its primary focus however, will continue to be on the Asia-Pacific component of the region, particularly the South Pacific.

Quadrilateral Security Initiative 2.0: Second attempt at Indo-Pacific Maritime Alliance

The proposed Quadrilateral Security Initiative 2.0 is an informal maritime alliance of the United States, India, Japan and Australia, which primarily involves co-operation in the Indo-Pacific.

India’s defence budget, strategic orientation and military modernisation

Although the Modi Government is seeking to enhance its strategic position with the defence budget’s focus on military modernisation, this paper argues that it effectively preserves the status quo by continuing to focus its strategic orientation on Pakistan.