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Bin Jalaludin

Journal article

A feasibility study using geographic access to general practices and routinely collected data in public health and health services research

The aim of this feasibility study was to explore the use of GIS to measure access to general practices and its relationship to selected antenatal behaviours.
Conference paper

Healthy Built Environments: Stakeholder engagement in evidence based policy making

Effecting change in the built environment to enhance human health is proving difficult. Our paper reports research which investigates these issues. The objectives were to identify key stakeholders engaged in healthy built environment policy development.
Conference paper

Supporting human health: focusing effective built environment interventions

The built environment has an important role to play in supporting human health as part of everyday living. This paper examines what the most effective built environment interventions are that support human health.
Literature review

Healthy built environments: A review of the literature

The Healthy Built Environments Program has completed a major scholarly literature review examining the role of the built environment in supporting human health as part of everyday living. The principal aim of the Review is to establish an evidence base that supports the development, prioritisation...