Kirdan Lees


Implementation and emerging outcomes evaluation of the Place-Based Initiatives

The purpose of the Place-Based Initiatives (PBI) model is to improve outcomes for at-risk children and their whānau by shifting collective decision-making and discretion to the local level. In 2016, Cabinet selected three PBI sites: Manaaki Tairāwhiti, South Auckland Social Wellbeing Board, and Kāinga Ora...

Growing up in Auckland? Mapping drivers of residential land growth

House prices in Auckland and elsewhere continue to skyrocket, pricing out many younger productive workers that would otherwise boost income growth in our cities. Many agencies across central and local government are looking for solutions. Those solutions lie in unlocking enough flexibility of land supply...
Discussion paper

Big city life? Challenges and trade-offs for Auckland city

Priming Auckland for ambitious future growth requires change on many policy fronts. Auckland is starting to swell. Rapid population and income growth are occurring, but Auckland’s narrow geography – with harbours on both sides of the city – limits land availability. Without change Auckland cannot...

2013 Western market visitor growth: what explains the increase in advanced-economy visitors?

International arrivals to New Zealand in 2013 grew at the fastest pace in a decade, according to this report to Tourism New Zealand. Key points There has been stellar growth in visitors from Western markets New Zealand experienced strong growth in visitor arrivals from traditional...

Time to revise the TWI to reflect modern New Zealand’s export profile

Headline exchange rate measures don’t capture New Zealand's burgeoning emerging market trade, particularly the China-driven export boom, argues this short paper. Introduction People are worried about the damage the strengthening exchange rate might be doing to the export sector. It's only a matter of time...