Rosemary Addis


Scaling impact: blueprint for collective action to scale impact investment in and from Australia

This report argues that impact at the scale required to bring real change to people’s lives and conserve the planet will only be delivered through bold action to drive solutions and the investment to resource them.

Views from the impact investing playing field in Australia on what’s happening and what’s needed next

In 2017 the Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing undertook a scan of the impact investing field in Australia to assess what has changed over the last three years since the last scan in 2014, what is happening and what is needed to inform the...

Benchmarking impact: Australian impact investment activity and performance report 2016

This report presents the findings from analysis of market-based impact investmentactivity and performance data for a data-set of Australian impact investments activeas at 30 June 2015.

Investing to save lives: an impact investment case for preventing road trauma

Governments, insurers and service providers all stand to benefit from savings in future health costs if spending is directed to prevention of road trauma. New analysis commissioned by the FIA Foundation shows that investing early to prevent injury can deliver real financial dividends as well...

Impact Australia: investment for social and economic benefit

DEEWR, in collaboration with JBWere, has developed a report that establishes a foundation for understanding impact investing in the Australian context: what it is, why it matters, what is happening here and what could or should happen. The report showcases examples in Australia and internationally...