Views from the impact investing playing field in Australia on what’s happening and what’s needed next

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The AAB’s goal is to support the development of impact investing in and from Australia. The aim is to enable an ecosystem that delivers better outcomes for people and the planet by contributing to strong communities, through job generation, improved health care and education, more affordable housing, new solutions to poverty, better outcomes for the environment and the preservation and promotion of a vibrant arts and culture landscape.

The developments we have seen in impact investing in and from Australia are still relatively modest. Although we have a smaller population and economy compared to others, we also have wealth, capacity for world leading research and development and deep pools of institutional capital. There is significant untapped potential to harness impact investment to help drive innovation and impact at scale here and in our region. Without proactive commitment to accelerate development in this market at some scale, Australia’s early and competitive leadership position will be lost and so will promising opportunities to attract talent, capital and innovation that can benefit many who need it most.

Since 2014 the AAB has been bringing together people, ideas and resources to help tackle big issues affecting Australia and our region. The AAB’s work has consistently been informed by practitioner and participant experience and voices from across the impact investing ecosystem. The AAB’s 2014 strategy to help catalyse impact investing in Australia, Delivering on Impact, was informed by market soundings conducted in early 2014 which, in turn, were informed by field work conducted for the earlier IMPACT-Australia: Investment for Social and Economic Benefit report in 2012.

This report reflects what the AAB has heard from a further round of market soundings conducted in October and November 2017 to assess what has changed over the last three years, what is happening and what is needed next to inform the next wave of strategy to support the ongoing development of the impact investing field. The AAB hopes that sharing these insights will help those interested and involved in impact investing to see how they can support the ongoing development of impact investing and work together to deliver positive outcomes for people and the planet, both here in Australia and overseas.

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