David Brereton


Climate change adaptation in industry and business

This report delivers a best practice framework to integrate financial risk assessment, governance and disclosure with existing governance principles around climate change adaptation. Abstract The Australian business community has long been aware of the risks and opportunities associated with greenhouse gas mitigation and climate change...

Exploring the social dimensions of autonomous and remote operation mining: applying social licence in design

This report summarises the findings of a three-year study investigating the social dimensions of autonomous and remote operations technologies in the Australian mining sector.

Governance Strategies to Manage and Monitor Cumulative Impacts at the Local and Regional Level

This 18 month study commenced in October 2010. It examined the growing use of multistakeholder collaborative approaches for monitoring and managing cumulative impacts, focusing particularly on how these are being applied in the Bowen Basin to the management of water quality (Fitzroy Partnership for River...

Local government, mining companies and resource development in regional Australia

This report summarises the findings from a two-year research project into the governance challenges posed by large scale resource development in mining-intensive regions of Australia. Unlike the narrower term government, governance applies in situations where authority and responsibility for the tasks of governing - including...

Good Practice in Mentoring of Indigenous Employees

This report provides a brief overview of Indigenous Mentoring Programs across Australia, highlighting key learnings which can provide a good foundation for a mentor training program and mentoring programs to encourage employment recruitment and retention amongst Indigenous people in the minerals extraction industry. Twelve programs...