Sam Pendergast


The Drying Lake - Lake Boga's experience of change and uncertainty

The town of Lake Boga in northern Victoria experienced the loss of its lake in early 2008 due to ongoing drought conditions. This lake was central to the town's recreation and tourism industry and formed a defining point of identity for residents and visitors. The...

Dealing with Extremes: The Lake Boga Follow-up Study - Report on Findings

The Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) has an interest in understanding how communities cope with, and respond to, social, economic and environmental change. This report outlines the findings of a set of interviews conducted in Lake Boga in early 2011. The interviews were...

Barriers to adaptation to sea-level rise

Abstract Increasingly there is recognition from researchers and policy makers that there are legal, institutional and cultural barriers to climate change adaptation that will need to be addressed if we are able to adapt efficiently and equitably. However, there is a limited body of evidence...