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Peter Davies

Conference paper

The urban heat island in Australian city planning

Extreme heat associated with the Urban Heat Island (UHI) and future climate change will have a disproportional geographic and demographic impact across a city. This research investigates Australian cities' strategic plans for heat reduction to maintain their liveability towards heat stress from the UHI effect.
Conference paper

Protected areas - what do they face when located within a city planning for substantial growth

This paper will, through a case study of four national parks in the growing city of Sydney, Australia, and, using content analysis, explore how statutory planning instruments, planning policies, plans of management and applicable legislation affect ongoing conservation values for national parks and reserves.
Conference paper

Confirmed at last: green roofs add invertebrate diversity

Drawing on classical ecological theory, this study assesses the factors which influence invertebrate diversity and composition on bare and green roofs in urban Sydney.
Conference paper

Urban development and land contamination: incremental pressures and policy gaps

This paper examines the current policy and practices of land contamination at a state and local government level.
Conference paper

Ecosystem guidelines for the conservation of aquatic ecosystems of the Georges River catchment: a method applicable to the Sydney basin

In this study the authors draw on a three year monitoring program and follow the framework recommended by the ANZECC water quality guidelines to develop a catchment specific approach for the conservation of aquatic ecosystems for the Georges River catchment.