Georgina Fuller


Criminal histories of Australian organised crime offenders

As the first attempt to analyse the criminal histories of organised crime offenders in Australia, this study offers insights into the extent, nature and seriousness of offending.

Understanding and responding to serious and organised crime involvement in public sector corruption

This paper examines the nature of serious and organised crime group (SOCG) involvement in public sector corruption, associated risk factors and best-practice responses and prevention strategies.

What are the taxpayer savings from cancelling the visas of organised crime offenders?

The focus of this study is the direct cost of offences committed by organised crime offenders, and the cost of prison sentences associated with these offences.

Police detainee predictions on future Australian illicit drug market influences

Predicting market influences supports government, law enforcement and health sectors to proactively develop strategies to address future challenges in the Australian illicit drug market.

Returning to work after armed robbery in the workplace

Armed robbery exposes workers to serious harm in an environment where day-to-day safety is not normally a concern, and can have a wide range of negative consequences for employees. Victims may find it difficult to return to or cope at work. This research examined a...