Michael Shields

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Michael A. Shields

Are neighbourhood characteristics important in predicting the post-school destinations of young Australians?

Students with similar individual and parental characteristics attending the same school, but living in neighbourhoods with different levels of socioeconomic status, are likely to have similar educational outcomes. About the research: While much research has been conducted on the influence of individual and family characteristics...

How well do individuals predict their future life satisfaction? Rationality and learning following a nationwide exogenous shock

Over recent years a number of papers have used individual or household longitudinal survey data to investigate the rationality of income expectations. In this paper the authors provide a novel contribution to this literature by examining the ability of individuals to correctly predict their own...
Discussion paper

Estimating the causal effect of income on health: evidence from post reunification East Germany

In this paper the authors investigate if there was a causal effect of changes in current and 'permanent' income on the health of East Germans in the years following reunification. Reunification was completely unanticipated and therefore can be seen as providing some exogenous variation, which...
Conference paper

Marriage, children and subjective well-being

This paper uses data from the first wave of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey to examine the role of marriage and family characteristics in explaining variations across individuals in self-reported life satisfaction. A feature of this analysis is the data...