David Johnson


Are neighbourhood characteristics important in predicting the post-school destinations of young Australians?

Students with similar individual and parental characteristics attending the same school, but living in neighbourhoods with different levels of socioeconomic status, are likely to have similar educational outcomes. About the research: While much research has been conducted on the influence of individual and family characteristics...

An Australian consumer law: fair markets - confident consumers

Following a Productivity Commission review of Australia's consumer policy framework, all Australian governments agreed to a new consumer policy framework, comprising a single national consumer law and streamlined enforcement arrangements. An Australian Consumer Law will significantly enhance consumer protection, reduce regulatory complexity for businesses and...

Australia's future tax system: Consultation paper

In August 2008, the Tax Design Review Panel invited submissions to the review, guided by four broad consultation questions: What major challenges facing Australia need to be addressed through the tax-transfer system? What features should the system have in order to respond to these challenges...

Australia's future tax system: Retirement income consultation paper

The retirement income system was substantially changed in the latter part of the last century to respond to one of this century's greater socioeconomic challenges, the ageing of the Australian population. This will increase demand on government support to the aged when the number of...

Australia's low pollution future: the economics of climate change mitigation

This report presents the results of the Treasury's economic modelling of the potential economic impacts of reducing emissions over the medium and long term. It spans global, national and sectoral scales, and looks at distributional impacts, such as the implications of emission pricing for the...