Alison Ritter


How do place-based services evolve in a world of virtual, physical and hybrid service delivery?

Given the inevitable growth of virtual and hybrid services in the context of place-based service delivery, this report argues that future government initiatives should consider how virtual services can be included in the design and how they are integrated and interact with face-to-face components.

The relationship between drug price and purity and population level harm

This rapid review examines the relationship between price, purity and seven population level measures of drug-related harm and any differences across three drug types.

Demand study for alcohol treatment services in the Northern Territory

This report is a mixed-methods research project examining the current Northern Territory alcohol treatment services system. It provides an assessment of how much treatment is currently provided; how much should be provided to meet current demand; and the challenges, barriers and opportunities associated with the...

How patterns of injecting drug use evolve in a cohort of people who inject drugs

This research found an overall movement away from street based drug purchasing and drug use, towards more activity in private settings, which has important implications for the harms experienced by people who inject drugs. Foreword This paper investigates the frequency of intravenous drug use in...

Australian threshold quantities for ‘drug trafficking’: are they placing drug users at risk of unjustified sanction?

This study uses data on patterns of drug user consumption and purchasing to evaluate Australian legal threshold quantities to see whether Australian drug users are at risk of exceeding the thresholds for personal use alone. Introduction Drug trafficking in Australia is deemed a very serious...