Shann Hulme


The relationship between drug price and purity and population level harm

This rapid review examines the relationship between price, purity and seven population level measures of drug-related harm and any differences across three drug types.

Domestic violence offenders, prior offending and reoffending in Australia

This study consolidates the Australian evidence base through a systematic review of 39 quantitative studies that examined domestic violence offending and reoffending. Despite the wide range of data sources, samples and measures of violence, findings are remarkably consistent across studies.
Systematic review

Protection orders for domestic violence: a systematic review

This study systematically reviews research into the use and impact of protection orders, using the EMMIE framework (Effectiveness, Mechanisms, Moderators, Implementation and Economy).

Evaluation of the Victorian Community Crime Prevention Program: final report

This evaluation finds that the Community Crime Prevention Program is a highly valued contribution to the Victorian community crime prevention and community safety field. Abstract The Community Crime Prevention Program (CCPP), established by the Victorian Government, aims to enhance communities’ capacity to deliver local solutions...

CCTV use by local government: findings from a national survey

This paper presents the findings from a national survey of local government to develop a national picture of the prevalence and characteristics of open-street CCTV systems in Australia managed by local councils. Introduction There has been considerable growth in the use of closed circuit television...