Matthew Manning


Protection orders for domestic violence: a systematic review

This study systematically reviews research into the use and impact of protection orders, using the EMMIE framework (Effectiveness, Mechanisms, Moderators, Implementation and Economy).
Working paper

Indigenous wellbeing in Australia: evidence from HILDA

This study explores the subjective wellbeing of Indigenous Australians. Abstract Report focusses on mean levels of self-reported life satisfaction, inequality in life satisfaction within the Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian populations, and the prevalence and severity of dissatisfaction with one’s life. Evidence on differences in the...

The societal costs of alcohol misuse in Australia

It is well documented that alcohol-related problems compromise individual and social health, and wellbeing. The individual harms are numerous, including premature death, loss of enjoyment and loss of social utility through fear of crime and victimisation. The misuse of alcohol, particularly among those most at...