Peter Homel


Marijuana legalisation in the United States: an Australian perspective

This paper outlines the regulatory requirements of different U.S states for managing medicinal and recreational marijuana use, and the costs and benefits of these measures.

Understanding the local government role in crime prevention

This research offers one of the first detailed insights into the valuable contribution made by local government within the multi-layered crime prevention strategies and initiatives which keep Australian communities safe. Foreword In Australia, crime prevention is primarily the responsibility of state and territory governments. What...

Evaluation of the Victorian Community Crime Prevention Program: final report

This evaluation finds that the Community Crime Prevention Program is a highly valued contribution to the Victorian community crime prevention and community safety field. Abstract The Community Crime Prevention Program (CCPP), established by the Victorian Government, aims to enhance communities’ capacity to deliver local solutions...

Evaluating crime prevention: lessons from large-scale community crime prevention programs

This paper examines the practical factors that impact on the evaluation of crime prevention programs and makes a number of important recommendations for the evaluation of projects delivered as part of large-scale programs. Foreword The Australian Institute of Criminology has spent a number of years...

Developing the capacity and skills for national implementation of a drug law enforcement performance measurement framework

This report summarises major findings from the second stage of a project to test the feasibility of a model performance measurement framework for Australian drug law enforcement (DLE) agencies and to provide advice on its national implementation. The first project stage involved development and preliminary...