Paige Darby

Policy report

A legislated spent convictions scheme for Victoria: recommendations for reform

In Victoria, police decide what to disclose in a criminal record check. These checks go to employers, housing providers and insurance companies. With a conviction, these checks can be a roadblock to accessing all manner of life’s necessities. And it doesn’t just impact serious offenders...

Victoria’s prison population 2005 to 2016

This report on Victoria’s prison population investigates statistical trends in adults held in Victorian corrective services custody between 2005 and 2016. As with the Council’s previous reports on this topic (released in 2007 and 2013), this report highlights a prison population growing at unprecedented rates...

Sentencing guidance in Victoria: report

This report is the Council’s response to the Victorian Attorney-General’s request for advice on the most effective legislative mechanism to provide sentencing guidance to courts in a way that promotes consistency of approach in sentencing offenders and public confidence in the criminal justice system.

The 2014 Victorian State Election

This paper provides context to the outcome of the Victorian State election by examining the redistribution of Victoria’s state electoral boundaries; an overview of the election campaign, the leaders’ debate, preference deals, social media, key policies, and polls data in the lead up to, and...

Unconventional gas: coal seam gas, shale gas and tight gas

This Research Paper provides an introduction and overview of issues relevant to the development of unconventional gas – coal seam, shale and tight gas – in the Australian and specifically Victorian context.