Donald Ritchie


How much does imprisonment protect the community through incapacitation?

This paper focuses on imprisonment, as it is the most severe, iconic and resource-intensive form of incapacitation. It is the form most commonly assumed to be effective and is the focus of most empirical research into this subject. The incapacitative effect of imprisonment presents a...

A Sentencing Guidelines Council for Victoria: report

The Victorian government plans on introducing legislation in 2018 to establish a Sentencing Guidelines Council. This report makes a number of recommendations in relation to key features of the council, as well as the sentencing guidelines it would create.

Swift, certain and fair approaches to sentencing family violence offenders

This report is the response to the Victorian Attorney-General’s request for advice on ‘swift and certain’ approaches to family violence offenders in Victoria.
Discussion paper

A Sentencing Guidelines Council for Victoria: issues paper

The Sentencing Advisory Council has released this issues paper and an online survey, seeking stakeholder and community views on the creation of a Sentencing Guidelines Council in Victoria.

Sentencing children in Victoria: data update report

This report updates select data from the Sentencing Advisory Council’s 2012 report Sentencing Children and Young People in Victoria. Specifically, it focuses on offenders aged under 18 at the time of offending (and under 19 at the time of commencement of proceedings) who were sentenced...
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