Nina Hudson


Sentencing children in Victoria: data update report

This report updates select data from the Sentencing Advisory Council’s 2012 report Sentencing Children and Young People in Victoria. Specifically, it focuses on offenders aged under 18 at the time of offending (and under 19 at the time of commencement of proceedings) who were sentenced...

Sentencing guidance in Victoria: report

This report is the Council’s response to the Victorian Attorney-General’s request for advice on the most effective legislative mechanism to provide sentencing guidance to courts in a way that promotes consistency of approach in sentencing offenders and public confidence in the criminal justice system.

Parole and sentencing: research report

This report examines trends in setting non-parole periods for imprisonment sentences over the five years ending 30 June 2015. The report considers how the courts’ use of non-parole periods changed between 2010–11 and 2014–15 and the factors that influenced the length of non-parole periods imposed...

Sentence appeals in Victoria: statistical research report

This statistical report examines data on the operation of sentence appeals in Victoria. In particular, the report addresses the absence of data available on sentence appeals brought by offenders and the Crown and on patterns of decision-making in sentence appeal cases heard by the Court...