Sam Morley


Forced adoption support services: establishing and building networks

Overview The Forced Adoption Support Services Scoping Study identified a need for support service providers to establish or contribute to local networks to enhance collaboration, referrals and support for people affected by forced adoptions. The Department of Social Services (DSS) contracted the Australian Institute of...
Literature review

What works in effective Indigenous community-managed programs and organisations

Many Indigenous organisations in urban, rural and remote areas are successfully managing a broad range of programs and services for their communities. This paper reviews available literature on Indigenous community-managed programs and organisations and summarises what is working in successful community-managed programs. It also considers...

Engaging Indigenous parents in their children’s education

This resource sheet identifies some of the key practices that have underpinned programs or practices for schools and early learning environments that have successfully engaged Indigenous parents with their children’s education. Introduction There is a considerable body of research documenting the poor student and school...

Success factors for Indigenous entrepreneurs and community-based enterprises

This resource sheet reviews available literature on the factors that underpin successful Indigenous entrepreneurs and community-based enterprises. It explores the different characteristics of Indigenous entrepreneurs and community-based enterprises. Where possible, it also looks at the outcomes of government programs that have aimed to help these...