David Atkinson

Professor David Atkinson has a long history of working in Aboriginal health for Aboriginal health services, government health services.

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Why validation is not enough: setting the scene for the implementation of the Kimberley Mum’s Mood Scale

This is an exploration of the Kimberley Mum’s Mood Scale (KMMS) to see if it can be clinically used as a culturally appropriate perinatal depression and anxiety screening tool for Aboriginal woman living in the Kimberley.
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‘Having a quiet word’: Yarning with Aboriginal women in the Pilbara region of Western Australia about mental health and mental health screening during the perinatal period

This study explores if it is appropriate to trial and validate the Kimberley Mum’s Mood Scale (KMMS) as a perinatal depression and anxiety screening tool with Aboriginal women in the Pilbara. Yarning as a methodology was used to guide interviews with 15 Aboriginal women in...
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Rheumatic heart disease in Indigenous children in northern Australia: differences in prevalence and the challenges of screening

The research compared regional differences in the prevalence of rheumatic heart disease (RHD) detected by echocardiographic screening in high-risk Indigenous Australian children, and examined the logistical and other practical challenges of RHD screening. Thirty-two remote communities in four regions of northern and central Australia were...
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The Kimberley assessment of depression of older Indigenous Australians: prevalence of depressive disorders, risk factors and validation of the KICA-dep scale

This study aimed to develop a culturally acceptable and valid scale to assess depressive symptoms in older Indigenous Australians, to determine the prevalence of depressive disorders in the older Kimberley community, and to investigate the sociodemographic, lifestyle and clinical factors associated with depression in this...