Jane Goodall


Voices of the land

The ABC is experimenting with ways of deepening its coverage of regional Australia.

After Lateline, the brave new world of better broadcasting

Michelle Guthrie’s vision for ABC current affairs is a mixed bag - with the history missing, writes Jane Goodall.

Citizens of the world

In the face of the attacks in Paris and Beirut, the philosophical heritage of stoicism carries a radical challenge In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, the messages in the French newspapers were mixed. Editorials in Le Figaro, Sud-ouest and Le Parisien declared it...
Audio podcast

Spin control

With the recent political explosion in Australia – the dumping of yet another prime minister – came an avalanche of political interviews. But how much did we learn from these public interrogations? Have political interviews infused with intense media management run out of puff? With...

The grilling season

Monday night’s ABC interviews showed how TV can be dangerous for politicians in unexpected ways When Bill Shorten took the chair for a solo Q&A at Ballarat on Monday night, the cards were stacked against him. Tony Jones, at his most adversarial throughout, introduced the...