John Quiggin


Tides of opinion

Generational divides don’t explain much, though attitudes to climate and culture seem to be exceptions, writes John Quiggin.

Yes, the world is paying attention to Australia’s climate inaction

Despite the trade minister’s response, there’s nothing unusual about Emmanuel Macron’s demand for progress, says John Quiggan.

18851 | Improving the CPRS

IT SEEMS virtually certain that the CPRS legislation will be reintroduced to parliament later this year, and highly likely that it will be passed with the support of some or all Liberal senators. The alternative, a double dissolution fought on an issue where the party...

20866 | Water, water everywhere

Buying water is much more cost-effective, in most cases, than public engineering projects aimed at saving water, argues John Quiggin

21528 | Should we retire later?

I’M WORKING on a longish piece on how to pay for the global financial crisis, and it seems like a good idea to deal with some side issues separately. One of the standard post-crisis responses of governments, i has been to increase the age at...
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