Geoff Wade


Chinese investment in the Port of Darwin: a strategic risk for Australia?

Overview Few strategic issues have galvanised public attention in Australia as the decision by the Northern Territory Government to lease key facilities in the Port of Darwin to a Chinese company, Landbridge. This Strategic Insights brings together items published on our blog The Strategist as...

State Grid and Australia’s national security interests

This article examines the State Grid Corporation of China’s bid for the NSW electricity transmission network TransGrid. It looks at the nature of State Grid, its global acrivities and the problems it is facing. State Grid as well as its subsidiaries are increasingly key agents...

Sabah, the PLA Navy and Northern Australia

Proceeding from the new access granted to People's Liberation Army (PLA) Naval vessels to the Malaysian port of Kota Kinabalu, the commentary asks why this should have occurred now given that Chinese ships have for years been anchored in Malaysian waters claiming them as part...

Landbridge and the port of Darwin: a postscript

An account of the creation of an armed militia within the Chinese company Landbridge, underlining the close links between the People's Liberation Army and this company which has secured a 99-year lease over the Port of Darwin

Landbridge, Darwin and the PRC

This study examines the 99-year lease to Darwin Port sold to Chinese firm Landbridge. It suggests that the examination of the security concerns of this deal by the Australian Government were excessively perfunctory, probably because the company was listed as a "private enterprise". This claim...
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