Peter Dawkins


Review of university-industry collaboration in teaching and learning: final report

This review report recommends short-term and long-term actions that government, higher education providers and industry can take to promote greater collaboration across the sector. It considers how to increase industry engagement in teaching and learning through improved course curricula, opportunities to combine work, study and...
Policy report

Averting an escalating labour market crisis for young people in Australia: a proposed national Job Cadet program

Since the global financial crisis (GFC), young people have been facing a particularly challenging labour market compared with other age groups, characterised by higher levels of unemployment and underemployment than in the previous decade and relative difficulty in obtaining jobs. This paper makes the case...

Rethinking and revitalising tertiary education in Australia

The Morrison Government and their state and territory counterparts have some important decisions to make about the future of tertiary education. This paper argues that it will be imperative for all parties to take a holistic approach to these reviews in the face of huge...

Reconceptualising tertiary education: and the case for re‐crafting aspects of the Abbott Government’s proposed higher education reforms

Having served for three years as Victoria University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dawkins takes stock of his experience across all educational sectors and outlines the case for reconceptualising tertiary education. He goes on to comment on the recent higher education policy announcements outlined in the 2014 Australian...
Discussion paper

The 'five economists' plan: the original idea and further developments

Written by one of the 'five economists', Peter Dawkins, this paper focuses on the plan's best-known proposal, the wage-tax trade-off, discussing its impact on employment, unemployment and income distribution. The paper considers new evidence on the impact of the plan and responds to its critics.