Security and prosperity in Asia: the role of international law

At a time of geopolitical uncertainty and with multilateralism under pressure, this conference brought together diverse actors to explore the evolving role of international law on critical security and economic issues in the Asia-Pacific.

The Rudd government's human rights record: one year on

The new government has displayed some original thinking but not yet quite up there in the exceptional category of the very best governments around the world, according to this paper, which spells out areas requiring further attention – including Australia's attitude to capital punishment and...

Submission to the senate committee on legal and constitutional affairs inquiry into the stolen generation compensation bill 2008

This submission welcomes the Bill and supports its broad objectives of providing reparations to indigenous Australians who were directly affected by Australian governments' policies of removing indigenous and part-indigenous children from their parents.

More bad law on terrorism

Extreme views should be exposed to public scrutiny rather than hidden away by federal government censors, writes BEN SAUL.

Enforcing international law: Australia's responsibilities

Australia must play a more constructive role in the Middle East, argues BEN SAUL.