Alix Pearce


Rising to the challenge: addressing climate and security in our region

This report outlines what the research says about the relationship between climate and security. It highlights significant risks within Australia's region that could be realised in the future.

Local leadership: tracking local government progress on climate change

This report introduces the Climate Council's Cities Power Partnership program which highlights the leaders of councils and communities that are switching to renewable energy and building greener, more efficient and resilient communities.

Be prepared: climate change, security and Australia's Defence Force

The Climate Council has brought together climate scientists and defence experts to create a report on climate change, security and what this means for Australia’s Defence Force.

The heat is on: climate change, extreme heat and bushfires in WA

Climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of heatwaves in Western Australia and driving up the likelihood of very high fire danger weather. Western Australia is experiencing a long-term increase in average temperatures and in 2014 the state recorded its highest ever annual average...