Security at its most basic level is about freedom from harm or freedom from fear of harm. In the face of security risks or challenges, governments must prioritise investment to mitigate harm.

This report outlines what the research tells us about the relationship between climate and security. It highlights significant risks within our region that could be realised in the future. Australia must make smarter choices, based on a pragmatic assessment of climate and security risks and the range of possible interventions. Left unaddressed, these risks threaten our security as a nation.

Key findings:

  • Climate change increases the risk of conflict and Australia will not find lasting national security without adequately addressing it.
  • The federal government’s financial support of the fossil fuel industry is actively undermining Australia’s national security.
  • Australia has fallen well behind the US, UK, Japan, New Zealand and other peers in analysis of climate and security risks.
  • Australia must act rapidly and decisively on climate change in order to maintain the collective security of our region.


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