Peter Edwards


The 2017 independent review of intelligence: views from The Strategist

The articles reprinted in this report give a range of perspectives on the recent Australian Intelligence Community (AIC) review and its recommendations.

Defence White Papers at 40

The Defence White Paper brought down earlier this year (DWP 2016), the seventh of its kind, appeared shortly before the 40th anniversary of the first, which was tabled in parliament by the Defence Minister, James (later Sir James) Killen, in November 1976. For a governmental...

War, Strategy and History

This is a collection of essays in honour of eminent Professor Robert O’Neill. Each chapter was written by prominent academics and practitioners who have had a professional connection with Professor O’Neill during his long and distinguished career. The overarching themes running throughout the book are...

Learning from history: some strategic lessons from the ‘forward defence’ era

This paper assesses the way the government handled commitments to three conflicts in Southeast Asia; the Malayan Emergency, Indonesian Confrontation and the Vietnam War. It then draws some lessons that remain applicable to our current challenges. Overview Australia is currently engaged in a major reassessment...

Reassessing Malcolm Fraser

Overview: Malcolm Fraser, Australia’s 22nd Prime Minister, died on 20 March 2015 aged 84. This Strategic Insights, drawn from posts on ASPI’s blog The Strategist, examines Fraser’s foreign policy record as well as his approach to defence policy making and his evolving attitude to the...