Joe Clare


Changes to sentencing practice: young adult offenders

This report examines the effect on young adult offenders of recent changes to sentencing options in Victoria. In particular, the analysis shows an increase in the use of the community correction order, a sentencing option introduced in Victoria in 2012. Introduction 1.1 This report examines...

Community correction orders in the higher courts: imposition, duration, and conditions

Using both quantitative and qualitative analyses of judges’ sentencing remarks, this paper examines community correction orders imposed by Victorian higher courts in the 18 months to June 2013.
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Assessing relative rates of Indigenous family violence: using existing quantitative data and a triangulation methodology to identify rural areas in greatest need of additional legal services

A research team completed an exercise to estimate relative rates of Indigenous Family Violence (IFV) which was conducted over a seven-week period at the end of 2004, undertaken for the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department on a national scale and utilised only quantitative information along with...