Community correction orders in the higher courts: imposition, duration, and conditions

Justice Courts Sentencing Victoria Australia
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Executive summary

This report builds on the findings from the Council’s Community Correction Orders: Monitoring Report, which examines a range of factors associated with the use of community correction orders (CCOs). This report presents the findings of a quantitative and qualitative analysis of sentencing remarks for CCOs imposed by the Supreme and County Courts (the higher courts) between January 2012 and June 2013 (inclusive). The analysis has been undertaken to identify case variables influencing the imposition of CCOs, long CCOs (over 2 years duration), and the most frequently imposed conditions.

The methodology can be summarised as follows:
• the sentencing remarks of 437 of the 460 CCOs imposed in the higher courts over this 18 month period are analysed;
• the quantitative analysis examines 32 case variables, focusing on the offender, the offence, the victim, and the legal process, and is based on a binary logistic regression;
• the imposition of CCOs is compared to short terms of imprisonment for armed robbery, aggravated burglary, and cause serious injury (both intentionally and recklessly); and
• the qualitative analysis considers 157 CCO sentencing remarks and a smaller sample of short terms of imprisonment remarks involving the examination of a range of variables
associated with the case characteristics.

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