Tom Alves


Final report: Towards a youth homelessness strategy for Victoria

This report presents the research findings for the project 'Towards a Youth Homelessness Strategy for Victoria' by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute for Melbourne City Mission.
Conference paper

Building transformation through housing expos: a multi-pronged strategy to help address the wicked problem of affordable housing

Housing expos have the potential to demonstrate alternative living environments as viable options to the current housing choices which are largely limited to new apartments for singles and couples and detached suburban housing designed for families.
Conference paper

Precinct regeneration of dispersed public housing in middle suburbs

This paper explores the redevelopment potential of ageing and underutilised public housing properties in the middle suburbs of major Australian cities. State governments lack strategies for the renewal of this housing in the current fiscally constrained environment. Responding to this need, this paper presents a...
Journal article

Strategically using public housing assets could transform our middle suburbs

This research sought to test the potential of an innovative design based approach to create coordinated precincts in these suburbs involving the coordinated redevelopment of multiple, non-contiguous public housing lots (rather than relying on the ‘default’ option of incremental market based development of in-fill housing...