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Edwina MacDonald


Australia's human rights scorecard: joint NGO submission on behalf of the Australian NGO Coalition

This report was written in collaboration with human rights experts across Australia, and it represents the collective knowledge of Australia’s leading NGOs on the current state of human rights in Australia and will inform the four yearly review of Australia’s human rights record by the...

Combating terrorism: Australia's criminal code since September 11

Until September 11, Australia had no national laws on terrorism. Political violence was dealt with by the ordinary criminal law. Since then we have passed a litany of new anti-terror statutes. In an era punctuated by terrorist attacks starting with New York and Washington and...

Threats to academic freedom

Academic freedom is essential to the work of Australian universities. Their role in educating students and advancing human knowledge depends upon academics and students working and learning in an environment in which they can freely exchange ideas, challenge conventional wisdom and debate controversial issues. Indeed...