Georgina Sutherland

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Australian disability and violence data compendium

This compendium was produced as part of a University of Melbourne research project titled 'Violence against people with disabilities: maximising the use of data to inform the Royal Commission.' It aims to provide research directions for academics, policy makers and government.

Suicide and the entertainment media: a critical review

A review of 54 studies in film, television, music and theatre. It recommends that mental health professionals and suicide prevention experts should collaborate with film makers, television producers, members of the music industry and playwrights to try to balance entertainment against the risk of harm...

News media and the primary prevention of violence against women and their children

This report indicates many elements are needed to achieve best practice reporting on violence against women.

Media representations of violence against women and their children: final report

This project aimed to establish the extent and nature of reporting of violence against women by the Australian media to inform future strategies for change. Using both quantitative (content analysis) and qualitative (critical discourse analysis) methods, the study provided a glimpse into the complexity of...

Media representations of violence against women and their children: state of knowledge paper

Overview This paper provides an overview of the best available contemporary evidence on the way news and information media portray violence against women. In the paper studies are grouped into three broad areas of inquiry: 1) media representation (how content and discourse are used in...
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