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Paul Henman


Mapping ADM in Australian social services

This report outlines the findings of a project which aimed to provide a baseline dataset for researchers on the types of automated decision-making systems being utilised in Australian social services.
Conference proceedings

ADM in child and family services: mapping what is happening and what we know

This paper reports on the proceedings of a workshop entitled ADM in child and family services: mapping what is happening and what we know, held on the 24 November 2020. The workshop brought together international experts and on-the-ground sector stakeholders to provide an overview of...

Exploring the use of residual measures of housing affordability in Australia: methodologies and concepts

This essay argues that new approaches to measuring housing affordability are needed and are possible in Australia. The residual income approach has a key advantage over the more commonly used ratio approach, because it measures household outcomes (such as living standards) rather than inputs to...
Discussion paper

Models of governance in long­-term disability care and support: a framework for assessing and reforming social policy

Abstract Over the last three decades, the financing and provision of care and support services for disabled adults has undergone profound and ongoing change in advanced welfare states. Despite national variations in contemporary care and support systems, common characteristics of the ‘mixed economy of care’...

Costs of children

Commissioned by the Ministerial Taskforce on Child Support, this is a collection of three reports on the costs of children in Australian families: 'The estimated costs of children in Australian families in 2005–06'; 'Updated costs of children using Australian budget standards; and 'Costs of children...