Terry Carney


Diversity, dignity, equity and best practice: a framework for supported decision-making

This research aims to understand the significance of supported decision-making to the lives of people with cognitive disabilities, identify its essential elements common to anyone with cognitive disabilities in any context, and locate key implementation issues.
Journal article

Parental strategies that support adults with intellectual disabilities to explore decision preferences, constraints and consequences

This study is part of a program of research about the experiences of receiving decision support by adults with cognitive disabilities and of supporters in giving support.
Journal article

Paternalism to empowerment: all in the eye of the beholder?

This article reports findings from the first set of qualitative data from a study aimed to further understand practices of decision support for people with cognitive disabilities and assess the impact of training supporters in an evidence-based practice framework.
Working paper

Welfare reform? following the 'work-first' way

The job-first rationale underpinning the latest, and by far the most sweeping tranche of Australian welfare reform, is a both very radical and a largely undebated position. It is a policy deliberately designed to widen the pool of workforce 'participants' and also forms an integral...