Alan Peters

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Understanding land surface temperature differences of local climate zones based on airborne remote sensing data

The local climate zones (LCZ) scheme has attracted the interest of climate researchers as it enables the standardized study of urban heat islands by combining thermal and physical parameters of built and natural structures. Most recent work on LCZ has concentrated on understanding air temperature...
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Evaluating the cooling effects of green infrastructure: a systematic review of methods, indicators and data sources

Highlights 165 studies from 2010 to 2017 investigating the cooling effects of green infrastructure were systematically reviewed. Studies were analysed for their spatial patterns, investigation period, typologies studied and methodological aspects. Five major gaps in the literature were identified. Research opportunities for future development were...
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A methodological framework to assess the thermal performance of green infrastructure through airborne remote sensing

This paper presents a methodological framework for a more accurate assessment of the thermal performance of green infrastructure (GI) using a combination of airborne remote sensing, field measurements and numerical modelling. The proposed framework consists of: (a) controlling intervening variables and classifying sites according to...
Conference paper

Mapping Local Climate Zones for urban morphology classification based on airborne remote sensing data

There is ample evidence of the cooling effects of green infrastructure (GI) that has been extensively documented in the literature. However, the study of the thermal profiles of different GI typologies requires the classification of urban sites for a meaningful comparison of results, since specific...
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Mapping and classifying green infrastructure typologies for climate-related studies based on remote sensing data

Despite the current evidence on the thermal benefits of vegetation and water bodies, further research is needed to investigate how cooling capacities are influenced by particular types, amounts, and spatial arrangements of green infrastructure (GI). However, there are no commonly agreed typologies that can be...