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Andrea Cook


Paris? Melbourne? Public housing doesn’t just look the same, it’s part of the challenges refugees face

How public housing design can be reimagined to reflect the lives and experiences of its residents.
Conference paper

Restoring Yarra: an experiment in linking restorative and deliberative practices to address urban contestation and social inequality

Contestation resulting from (and further embedding) spatial and social injustice in cities is one of the most intractable issues facing theorists and practitioners in contemporary cities. Approaching contestation via retributive, procedural or distributive justice lenses alone have led to different urban solutions but also failed...
Conference paper

If I come back in a few years and nothing has changed, I'll be MAD!: Lessons in co-planning with children from the CATCH/iMATCH Citizen Kid's Planning Group

CATCH/iMATCH is a three-year research project examining the influence of the built, social and policy environments on children’s independent mobility and active travel in Australia. This paper presents the findings of the ‘Citizen Kid’ Planning Group and explores some of the lessons for both research...