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Jill Franz


Person-centred approaches to private housing for people with disability: impediments, difficulties and opportunities

This Final Report presents the findings of a research project commissioned by the Disability Policy and Research Working Group (DPRWG) to explore the barriers and obstacles impeding a person-centred approach to planning and private housing for people with disability.
Conference paper

Liveable housing design: who will take responsibility?

Current housing design and construction practices do not meet the needs of many people with disability and older people, and limits their inclusion and participation in community and family life. This paper reports on a study which examined the assumption behind Livable Housing Design agreement...
Conference paper

Livable housing design - is it likely to work?

This paper examines the context in which Livable Housing Design is being implemented and, based on early findings from case-studies in Brisbane, Queensland, the challenges that may need to be met.