Michele Lobo

Conference proceedings

Reckoning with settler colonial cities: SOAC 2021 conference track and abstracts

This SOAC 2021 conference track includes research papers, provocations, panel discussions, or other forms of knowledge sharing and creation related to understanding the conditions, mechanisms, practices and experiences of settler-colonial urbanism.
Conference paper

Adjudicating faith: 20 years of secular decision-making for religious spaces

Despite a legacy of seemingly enlightened non-sectarian provision of sites and space for religious worship, current planning systems appear to create conditions in which many religious development proposals are problematic, conflict-ridden and politicised. Indeed, the planning system is a primary site for community conflicts that...
Conference paper

Exploring cultures of belonging in Darwin, Australia

This paper argues that the use of visual methods such as participatory video can co-producing sensory and embodied knowledges of belonging in a north Australian city with a history of assimilationist and racially discriminatory policies.
Conference paper

Darwin after dark: illuminating suburban atmospheres

In Australian cities, culturally diverse suburban landscapes are often sensed as discomforting sites of fear and anxiety, particularly after dark. This paper draws on the contemporary literature on affective atmospheres to show how racialised Indigenous and asylum seeker bodies become present in different ways in...
Conference paper

Intercultural harmony and understanding in the city of Whittlesea

This paper is focused on the discourse of social harmony and intercultural understanding within local governance that is central to managing ethnic and religious diversity and the tolerance of dissent in countries with white majority cultures.